Our accommodation system for exchange students works as follows: every semester Anadolu University students offer their flats to share with incoming students. According to the preferences stated in Housing Application Form we will match the exchange student with a local student. The matching will be announced approx. 3 weeks before the student’s arrival.

Immediately after matching, the student will receive the contact data of the flatmate to get in touch. The flatmate should send the photos of the flat and also inform the student about rent and other costs. If there are any problems with the flat or the flatmate we will do our best to find you a new place.

Also, the buddy student will be announced during this time. All exchange students are assigned to a buddy student. Buddy students help exchange students with travel arrangements and inform them about the university, city and the country during the whole stay. As long as the student informs the buddy student about the exact arrival date and time, the buddy student can pick the exchange student up from the train station or bus station to Eskişehir.

One other option is private apartments: With the help of your buddy student or ESN Anadolu (official Erasmus Club of Anadolu University) you can check on internet for various furnished apartment offers. We highly recommend you to see the place in person before making any payments.