Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility (EUC)

What are the application requirements for Erasmus+ traineeship mobility?

• To be enrolled at one of the full-time programs (including evening education programs) at Anadolu University (The traineeship mobility can be carried out within 1 year after graduation if applied before graduation.)

• To be completed the first semester excluding prep school at Anadolu University.

• If benefited from any Erasmus+ programs in the current cycle (BA, MA, Ph.D.), the total duration of mobilities cannot exceed 12 months, including the intended activity.

• To have at least 55 points from “Anadolu University Foreign Language Exam for Exchange Students” or ‘School of Foreign Languages Preliminary Exam” or to have a score equal to 55 among the exams considered as equivalent.

• Grade point average (GPA) of associate degree and undergraduate students must be at least 2.20 on a four-point scale.

Grade point average (GPA) of graduate students (MA, Ph.D.) must be at least 2.50 on a four-point scale.

• The Erasmus+ Ranking Score is calculated as follows: % 50 of GPA + % 50 of foreign language score. The Erasmus+ Ranking Score must be at least 55.

How long is the period of traineeship mobility?

The mobility has to be minimum of 2 months, maximum of 12 months.

Which institutions are accepted for the traineeship mobility?

Please write an e-mail to in order to receive the list.

Please visit our website for more details about Erasmus+ traineeship mobility (EUC).