Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Exchange Program aims the exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries. With the regulation published on August 23, 2011 (No: 28034), students and academic staff exchange between Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries has been possible. Different from other exchange programs, Mevlana Exchange Program includes all higher education institutions in the world regardless of their region.

What are the application requirements for Mevlana Exchange Program?

• To be enrolled at one of the full-time programs (including evening education programs) at Anadolu University and not to be in the position of graduation.

• To be completed the first semester excluding prep school at Anadolu University.

• If benefited from any Erasmus+ programs in the current cycle (BA, MA, Ph.D.), the total duration of mobilities cannot exceed 12 months, including the intended activity.

• To have at least 55 points from “Anadolu University Foreign Language Exam for Exchange Students” or ‘School of Foreign Languages Preliminary Exam” or to have a score equal to 55 among the exams considered as equivalent.

• Grade point average (GPA) of associate degree and undergraduate students must be at least 2.50 on a four-point scale.

Grade point average (GPA) of graduate students (MA, Ph.D.) must be at least 3.00 on a four-point scale.

• The Erasmus+ Ranking Score is calculated as follows: % 50 of GPA + % 50 of foreign language score. The Erasmus+ Ranking Score must be at least 55.

How long can we participate in Mevlana Exchange Program?

Students may study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters. Semester periods may be different considering the education systems but the total exchange period cannot exceed one academic year.

Which partner higher education institutions are available?

Please click here to see all agreements according to your department.

Please visit our website for more details about Mevlana Exchange Program.