Which Exam/ Diploma Grade Should I Use To Apply?

Candidates will apply to the announced quotas with their “ANADOLUYOS Exam Score” document, or their “High School Diploma Grade”, or “High School Graduation Exam Score” or "Higher Education Institutions Exam Score" document that is approved by the Council of Higher Education. Applicants must be graduates of high school or equivalent schools (except for Türkiye or TRNC high schools) in order to apply to International Open Education programs.

Higher Education Institutions Exams recognized by the Council of Higher Education;

a) ACT Exam – A minimum total score of 21 in Science (Science Reasoning), Mathematics, and Composite,

b) A minimum score of 300 out of 350 from the Afghanistan National University Entrance Exam (KONKUR-Baccalaurea)

c) A minimum score of 400 out of 700 from the Central University Entrance Exam held by TQDK in Azerbaijan,

d) A minimum score of 60 out of 100 from Indonesia Ujlan Akhir National (UAN),

e) GAOKAO Exam – A minimum score of at least 480 out of 750 in the subject matter accepted by the applied program,

 f) A minimum score of B3 from each of the six subjects, including mathematics, from the WAEC (West African Examination Council) exam held in Nigeria,

g) SAT 1 – A total combined score of at least 1000 in Mathematics + Reading sections and a minimum score of 550 in Mathematics.

High school diploma scores or high school graduation exam scores:

a) A score of 1‒4 on ABITUR or Austria MATURA (Matura Reifezeugnis). (Applications with FACHABITUR without an exam score will not be accepted),

b) DIPLȎME DU BACCALAUREAT GENERAL (French Baccalaureate score type only given in France) – A diploma grade of at least 12,

c) GCE (A level) – At least two A levels one of which is related in the subject matter of the applied program,

d) A minimum diploma grade of 3.5 for Switzerland MATURA examination;

e) For those with TRNC nationality: reside in TRNC with high school education completed in TRNC and have taken GCE AL exam, and received education in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and have taken GCE AL exam,

f) A minimum diploma grade of 10 on Greek “Apolytirion of Lykeo/Secondary School Leaving Certificate”.

g) Other Foreign country high school diploma grade of at least 6 out of 10 (60 percent) or its equivalent The Higher Education Institution exam scores are valid for 2 years.


Anadolu University administers ANADOLUYOS to foreign applicants every year at least once. The scores for this exam are valid for two years. The procedure, content, exam fee, and date of the exam are determined by the Executive Board. However, the applicants may apply for the announced quota without taking the ANADOLUYOS exam, and use their exam scores equivalent to the "High School Diploma Grade" or "High School Graduation Exam Score" or "Higher Education Institutions Exam" stated in the 10th article of this directive. Candidates who have not yet received their diploma must submit an official document showing their grade point averages from their high school and the dates they can graduate in order to be considered for admission.

Other exams administered by the higher education institutions in Türkiye to select students from abroad may be accepted provided that the exam result has a verification code on it.

Candidates who have the opportunity to apply for the student admission quotas from abroad in accordance with the principles of YÖK, who are Turkish citizens by birth in accordance with the Turkish Citizenship Law and lose their Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission to renounce Turkish citizenship from the Ministry of Interior, and Candidates who continued their secondary education abroad before 01/02/2013 and completed the last three years of their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC or completed their entire high school education in high schools abroad (excluding TRNC high schools) who have dual citizenship, one of which is Turkish can apply for student admission quotas from abroad providing that they meet the determined criteria. However, the quota determined for these candidates for law, education and pharmacy programs cannot exceed 10% of the quota in these fields.

Different quota rates can be determined according to ANADOLUYÖS or Internationally Valid Exam Results or Diploma Grade. The determined quotas can be distributed according to the country and region to ensure diversity and competition among candidates.

For detailed information about diploma grade or AnadoluYOS exam please visit: https://oidb.anadolu.edu.tr/duyurular/uluslararasi-yabanci-uyruklu-ogrenci-basvuru-kayit-kabul-duyurusu