Food, Living & Costs

Anadolu University campus in Eskişehir provides healthy and delicious food at affordable prices in dining halls; there are also restaurants and cafes that provide a wide range of food opportunities Anadolu University provides breakfast, lunch and dinner services for students. The meals are prepared in modern kitchens in hygienic conditions with consideration given to daily calorie needs.

The main student lunch hall on the Yunus Emre Campus has two floors and three halls. Approximately 17.500 people have their breakfast, lunch and dinner here every weekday. There are also privately run facilities, such as patisseries, cafés, fast food, vegetarian and regular restaurants, offering meals from Turkish cuisine on the Yunus Emre Campus.

Living Expenses

Students can usually enjoy a comfortable life with around €150 per month for food. Each student can determine food expenses individually, depending on their needs. Anadolu university also has its own cafeteria(s), which offers nice meals with reasonable prices. Daily specials in cafes are around €2–€3.

Fun, Easy and Affordable

Student life in Eskişehir is full of activities and events. There are many organizations and events that help foreign students to settle into local life and create a social network in Eskişehir. At the beginning of each academic year, Anadolu University International Affairs Office and ESN Anadolu co-organize a variety of events for international students, such as , orientation, campus tour, city tour etc. to new students to know their fellow students, tutors, faculty, staff, university buildings and the city, where they are about to start studying.

In each academic year, ESN Anadolu followers assist the International Affairs Office to organize excursions, company visits, school visits, sightseeing trips, social gatherings and the International Day etc. These activities are planned in order to provide practical information about studying and living in Eskişehir. Besides, Anadolu University has also different student clubs that help foster students' unique identities and develop their special skills.

In Türkiye you will be living in a highly connected society, with free wireless Wi-Fi almost everywhere. Many everyday activities are made easier with various IT solutions: online shopping, online registration, online select courses and study, order meals from Apps on mobile phone, etc. As a student in Eskişehir you can take advantage of discounts and special offers generated especially for students.

The costs of living in Eskişehir is usually dependent upon the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending patterns. Prices of food, clothing, accommodation, transportation and cultural activities in Eskişehir are affordable. Living costs in Türkiye are affordable and are considered to be lower than in most cities in Türkiye. The monthly average living costs for students can be around 300-500 euros.


Housing costs depend on the location and quality of the accommodation. Generally, the housing offer includes water, electricity, internet, heating etc. common expenses. The prices per month usually range from €100 – 150 both for shared private flats and shared private dormitories.


Local public transportation in Eskişehir: single ticket for a student €0.2 (tram or bus). Anadolu University has everything needed (supermarkets, cafes, shops, gym etc.) located within a short walking distance on campus or out of campus.